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Bekki Jacobs 

Services Offered: Dog Walking – Cat Sitting – Small Animal Care – Dog Sitting


Bekki has had a varied management career from the civil service, home furnishing, home entertainment, through to business development and a few more in-between.  One constant, has been her passion to support others, making life easier for them.

She’s had a lifelong love of animals, believing they need to be cared for and treated as any other family member.  She’s always had dogs, cats or some small animals around.  Working from home has allowed her to spend more time with her 3 cats, Coco, Gracie and Lazarus. She also has 2 dogs. Amber (7) who she’s had from a puppy and Zena (3) a rescue from The Dogs Trust. Amber helps with puppy training and lead walking and Zena with her boundless energy just brings fun to the team.

Bekki’s passionate about helping animals keep their routine, in their own surroundings.  Making it easier for you to do what you need to do.  It’s important, to Bekki, that all her clients are happy.  Both people and animals.


Joanne Whiteley

Services: Dog Walking – Cat Sitting – Small Animal Care – Dog Sitting


When Joanne got the chance to work with animals once again she grabbed the opportunity with both hands. Having previously run her own Dog Grooming and pet shop business, changing circumstances dictated that she took a job in accounts to help with the routines and responsibilities that inevitably come with a growing family.

Now back working with animals at Huddersfield Pet Sitters, Joanne believes she’s found her ideal job. She has a natural ability to put customers at ease with her friendly and easy going manner and she realises how much pets mean to their owners; her family being the proud owners of two rather old but healthy cats. Whiskers and Felix happily share the family home with about fifty Goldfish that live in the back garden pond.

Knowing all too well that animals as well as people thrive on routine and familiarity, Joanne ensures clients and their pets feel secure and cared for by providing a stable and secure setting. Whether it’s walking your dog or sitting with your cat, Joanne knows that a happy pet ultimately makes a happy owner.


Chris Ryan 

Services offered – Dog Walking – Cat Sitting - Small Animal Care


"It has always been Chris' dream to work with animals, and although he has had a variety of previous roles, within customer service, recruitment, and the mortgage industry, this ambition has never left him. Due to a change in circumstances, the opportunity arose for him to fulfil this lifelong dream.


Chris has vast experience with a variety of animals. He has always had pets in his family and grew up surrounded by a menagerie of animals from dogs and cats, to iguanas, rats and pole cats.


Chris and his wife are always the first to be called upon by friends and relations to walk or look after their pets when the need arises. He is also an experienced dog owner. Two of his dogs were rescued from Thailand and brought over to England, where they lived a full and happy life.


The most recent addition to Chris' family is Jessie, an 8 year old Staffie cross, adopted from a local rescue.


After growing up surrounded by a variety of animals, Chris fully understands the bond between families and their pets. With this in mind, clients can be reassured that he will give the utmost care and attention to your special family member."